Mr Collins Pride And Prejudice Persuasive Essay

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Which proposal was more appropriate, Collin’s or Darcy’s? Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy are two very different people. Both of their proposals are not done as they would be today. They both proposed the proposal in their own awkward way. Collins tries to present his proposal in a persuasive speech, but fails miserably as he isn’t very persuasive. The reason why he isn’t very persuasive is because the reasons he gives are very selfish. Darcy on the other hand, seems to want to marry Elizabeth for the right reasons, but his words don’t really show it. Darcy’s personality was a very frowned upon personality during that time. He seemed to have social anxiety, which didn’t benefit him due to people not being used to it. Collin’s reasons for marrying Elizabeth were completely wrong. His reasonings behind him wanting to marry her were: it was the right thing to do as he would inherit her father’s land, it would make him very happy, and because Lady Katherine suggested it. I think anyone with a right mind would find it bizarre that one of Collin’s reasons for marrying Elizabeth was because another woman suggested it. What also didn’t help was the way he did his speech. He said things that made him sound like a creep. Examples of this would be when he said he singled her out in a room full of people. …show more content…
Darcy wants to marry her for all the right reasons, but he words it very poorly. He wants to marry her, but he contradicts himself so many times. He says, “it’s against my better judgement that I wish to marry you”. Before he starts the proposal, he paces back and forth a ton as he is very anxious it seems. Darcy’s reasons for her to marry him are also not very persuasive. He even acknowledges that they are unwealthy, but he still wants to marry her. As we learn in the later part of the book Darcy is a very caring human being and helps a ton of people, but he doesn’t boast about it to everyone and just keeps it to

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