A Cultural Celebration: Las Posadas Essay

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Las Posadas is a Mexican holiday that is like Christmas for the United States. It was originated in Spain and lasts for nine days. This holiday begins on December sixteenth and ends on December twenty-fourth. This is also a catholic holiday but most people in Mexico celebrate it. This holiday was thought to be started in the sixteenth century by “St. Ignatius of Loyola or Friar Pedro de Gant in Mexico.” In Mexico they have a tradition where they put a candle in a paper lampshade. Then they would take the lampshade with the candle inside it and went outside to sing a song, allowing Joseph and Mary to be recognized and allowed to enter the world. This is still a tradition today but one thing has changed from around when it was started. It, …show more content…
The nine days of this holiday is stood for the nine months that Maria had Jesus in her womb. In Mexico on this holiday they have a re-enactment of what Mary and Joseph went through on their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. On their rough journey they were always in search of shelter until they reached Bethlehem. On all of the nine nights there is a party that is held throughout the neighborhood. At sunset on each night the children dress up as shepherds, angels, and Mary and Joseph. On the last day depending on the family or party that is held, the family and friend will get a piñata and fill it will sweets and have the kids youngest to oldest take swings a it and whoever breaks it open get the first piece of the cake, pie or whatever is made. The title Las Posadas actually means “the inn or the lodging.” It has a meaningful title because this holiday is the nine days to celebrate staying at home and being with your family and appreciating the loving family that you have. There are two traditional songs that are often sung for this holiday. One on them in a song called Outside Singers and one called Inside Singers. In Mexico and some parts of the United States there is an inn for this holiday. The place is for people to go and have some fun for Christmas Eve or Noche Buena. It is a special place that allows people to go stay a night or two, have a wonderful dinner and breakfast. If that doesn’t sound like fun their also is

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