A Solution to Factory Farming Ethics Essay

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God gave man dominion over the land and the animals so that he could take care of them and prosper with them Genesis 1:24-31. Since the human race was created in God's image, humans should exercise that dominion with wisdom and mercy like God does upon man. Yet man has perverted this duty by taking too much from the land and animals, and not fulfilling the original contract to take care of them. This has become evident in factory farming because man is mistreating the animals in order to produce the cheapest and most productive system for vast amounts of meat no matter the moral standing to animals and the land. This has to be changed to keep the contract intact, which Peter Singer and Jim Mason are trying to do in The Ethics of Eating …show more content…
Unjustifiable living conditions for animals is not the only issue affecting this growing problem. Also, because raising animals takes much more food to feed, it is a very inefficient use of land. It takes about ten times the amount of land to feed cattle and get the same food amount from the outcome then using just one times that amount of land to grow crops instead. This poor ratio is why things like deforestation happens and we lose those natural habitats including the wildlife diversity. Davis states here the ratios to how many animals die to raise food for factory farming "Davis then tries to calculate the number of animals killed by growing crops and the number killed by rearing beef cattle on pasture and proves that vegans are indirectly responsible for killing only about a fifth as many animals as those who eat grass-fed beef." (qtd. in Singer & Mason 785) It is much more efficient and less destructive to the environment to produce grown foods instead of raised animals. These are the issues placed in front of humans, but as a response the meat lovers have come up with a good defense. The meat eating community has conceived a formidable defense against the issues of factory farming, but these

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