Factory Farming Essay

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Factory farming causes mass amounts of pollution to our environment. Producing livestock requires many resources and produces a huge amount of waste at the same time. 55% of the water in the U.S goes towards animal agriculture, where as American homes only use about 5%. Deforestation, Speciesism, Environmental degradation, water waste, carbon foot prints, methane emissions, cruelty and suffering, health issues and our ethics are all put at risk when we consume animal products.
Nearly three thousand gallons of water is needed to create only one pound of beef and nearly 27 pounds of grain a day per cow. We feed grains that are rich in clean, natural protein to artificially bred animals to satisfy the already over fed, over populated nation while at the same time millions of people are dying of starvation. This is no longer a logical (or sane) plan. We must find a solution, and we must do it quickly or we will soon face the consequences.
It’s time we phase out animal agriculture. Livestock alone uses nearly 50% of the United States mainland. There is such a high demand for meat that animal farmland has destroyed 80% of the Amazon rainforest. Annually, 160 million acres are cleared for the beef industry alone. We artificially bring life into this world only to end it at a tiny fraction of their natural life span, and use up major
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Contamination levels are much higher then previously thought, and could be a threat to public health.” She goes on to say that “The strain has developed a resistance to antibiotics.” When you consider the high amount of pollutants that these animals are fed, the antibiotics given to them, and the toxic fumes and living conditions chickens are raised in, you clearly understand that it is not the least bit healthy for the human

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