A Pair of Tickets Essay

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A Pair of Tickets

In the short story "A Pair of Tickets," by judging from the title one might think that this is a simple story more about adventure than anything else. In “A Pair of Tickets” The author Amy Tan uses a symbols to help us understand the theme the story. Family and Culture are the most important topic in this story therefore; it gives us a better understanding of the story. As stated in the context of the story “Jing-mei is on a train to China, traveling with her seventy-two-year-old father, Canning Woo. As the train enters Shenzhen, China, Jing-mei begins to "feel Chinese." Their first stop will be Guangzhou. After her mother's death, a letter arrived from China from her mother's twin daughters from her
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This trip to China surely change all that. At last, she realized things she never had before at her 36 years of age she has never felt so alive and fulfilled.

While June May is exploring different aspects of China, she is forced to deal with the internal conflict of false impression of china, this is showed when she goes the hotel and is so luxurious. Americans think that they are the only ones that have certain things yet when you go to a less develop country you see that they have better things. It is the perfect American country that makes us believe that there is nothing better out there that we are the best of the best. The really is different and June May have to go to china to realized this to be true. The believes and assumptions that Americans carried are not realistic.

When the story begins June May has a wrong image of what it means to be Chinese. It is one governed by American culture, stereotyping, and prejudice. As she learns of her mother's sacrifices and life, and she sees her Chinese family all that image starts to change. At the end she learned to understand and respect her family. In this story in not only June May that is

discovering her heritage but also her father is reconnecting with his childhood in china.

Finally, June May is not denying her roots she was just not exposed to it before but

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