Essay about A Look at Microsoft Access

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A Look at Microsoft Access

Team A of DBM/405 has chosen to look at Microsoft Access. This paper will examine Microsoft Access and its capabilities and benefits. It should show that Microsoft Access is one of the easiest user friendly database and cost effective database applications today. This paper will also examine the use of Access for a business called Parrothead Productions. It is a small one-man operation, which is a remote disc jockey business.

The Capabilities of Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access database gives you true command of your data, enabling you to retrieve it, sort it, analyze it, summarize it, and report results in moments. It can combine data from various files, so that you never have to enter
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To answer questions, queries retrieve, filter, sort, and assemble data on command. A query finds data and shows it to you, it can also process that data according to your instructions. Another important power of queries is to combine the data from several tables into a single view. A query can also remove data.
Forms control and simplify data input. Forms make data from a table or a query easier to understand by presenting it in visually appealing designs. Forms can also provide a start-up screen, with easy ways to launch database tasks. Forms provide drop-down lists, instructions, navigational controls, and graphics to help users work with your data. In more than one way, forms make data friendlier.
Using reports, you can group your data, perform calculations on it, and add headings and other formatting to make it more meaningful and easier to read. Reports convert data into documents. Reports come in various shapes and sizes. Reports provide methods to format the printed appearance of your data in the ways that are most effective for your purpose.
A data access page is a web page that is connected directly to your database. It enables you and other to view and work with your data online, dynamically. Use data access pages to view, edit, update, delete, filter, group, and sort data, as you do using forms and reports. What's different is that the page exists outside of your database, so that users can update or view data over the World Wide

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