Zavala Teacher Reflection Paper

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Zavala is located on the south side of Grand Prairie which is the affluent area of Grand Prairie, and the parents are very active and participate in their children school activities. However, I am employed on the north side of Grand Prairie, and the climate is totally opposite. Thinking in line with patterns and themes, the district shares the same theme across the board, but each school has their own climate. Being on both sides of the city, I have learned that teachers, administrators, parents, and community play a vital role in the success of all students. The more affluent side may have more resources but as teachers we must instill in every child it is not where you come from but, where you are going. Zavala teachers are friendly and …show more content…
I believe all children can learn. And I saw evidence of that as I observed the teachers repeating the same information to some students, having patience, and making sure the students understood the assignments that was being taught. I do understand not all children learn at the same pace and as a teacher you need to be able to accommodate all learning styles. The teachers I observed was excellent in accommodating all the students. The students that had difficulties with the assignments she did a buddy system, allowing the students to work in small groups or with another person. Others worked on previous assignments and some read books independently. The teacher visited the students that was paired and worked only with the students that needed extra help. The students that was all caught up on their assignments were given free style writing time. It all seemed to work for her because she had a certain way she teaches. That is what I noticed about my observation is when you are teacher the teacher need to teach the way that works for them. I like the way she organized her teaching style, but I am not sure it will work for me. Before the teacher read the story she asked the students to tell her what they think the book is about based on the title along. I immediately thought about (inferencing). Then she asked questions to get the students engaged in the lesson—(pulling from their prior knowledge). She made them aware of the vocabulary words that were going to be used in the story, some words being familiar and introducing others, new words. She reiterated making complete sentences even as the students were answering the questions. She explained exactly what the assignment was before she started reading the story and after the completion of the reading of the story. This particular lesson was telling a story in sequence order by writing the details. I like how she

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