Zara Fashion 's Business And Corporate Strategy Essays

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1. Zara Fashion 's business and corporate strategy showcases strategic management through Zara 's use of cost leadership and differentiation in its strategy. Unlike other companies, Zara stands out from its competitor because they offer fast service and a variety of products for consumers, providing them with a unique and satisfactory experience not offer by Zara 's competitors. Zara 's ability to have a design made available in store within a two week time period illustrates that every action and decision made by the managers and employees at Zara has a distinct purpose. Had Zara not have an amazing strategic management system in place, it would not be possible for them to restock their stores twice a week with new clothing designs. Zara 's strategy perfectly implements their mission statement and objectives as they have found a way to produce fashion in a fast pace, allowing the consumers to have a variety of options to choose from while still being able to be cost effective. Zara realizes that time was a key component in their strategy; hence, they decided to have their materials and resources close by in neighboring countries or in Spain in order to cut down on travel time. Furthermore, Zara made use of modern resources like technology and machinery to product its product more rapidly. While the products are made in mass production, Zara 's ability to constantly restock their shelfs enables consumer to feel as though the clothes that 's eye bought were unique and cannot…

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