Essay on Youtube Is A Free Internet Based Video Sharing Website

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YouTube is a free, internet based video sharing website that is comprised of a vast variety of user generated and professionally produced video content (Sterin 189). It is by far the most widely used new media platform, and has become so influential that is has compelled traditional media organizations such as broadcast and cable television networks to take part in the online community (Sterin 189). People utilize YouTube in a plethora of ways. There are viewers: those who use YouTube to watch viral content. Then there are those who provide the content; in recent years they are most commonly referred to as “YouTubers” and many have merged into being instant, online celebrities among the YouTube community. Lastly there are the many news and television networks that have taken the leap of faith into the YouTube stream. These companies utilize the site to the advantage of their networks; be it posting short videos involving important news updates or, sometimes, posting longer multi-story/information updates for viewers. YouTube has changed the way people all over the world explore the internet and consume information. There is something available on YouTube that caters to every single person on the planet. There is material for entertainment, educational content, breaking news and so much more, and, the content is easily sharable across many different media platforms so it can be reached and accessed by many more people.
YouTube was introduced to the world wide web on…

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