Youth Drug Abuse : Can The Fast Initiation Of Drug Consumption Among Youth Be Stopped?

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Research question: Youth Drug Abuse: can the fast increment of drug consumption among youth be stopped?
Thesis: Research shows that youth drug abuse is an ongoing problem and has been increasing in a fast rate over the past three decades, however, taking in account the factors that lead youth to abuse drugs and furthermore establishing a plan of action is the appropriate means to reduce the expansion of this epidemic.
1. Cotto, Jessica H., et al. "Gender effects on drug use, abuse, and dependence: a special analysis of results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health." Gender medicine 7.5 (2010): 402-413.
This article presents an assessment over gender tendencies and differences in rates of substance abuse and dependence among drug users. Sexual orientation is a standout and evident social aspects that influences mankind 's behavior and this article investigates whether gender constitutes a risk factor for substance misuse as well as dependence by interviewing a cohort between 12-25 years old, which led to the conclusion that men are more likely to consume drugs, however, less likely to become dependent than women. This experiment over a national population sample of youths and young adults, also suggests that gender, age, and substance of abuse all play a role in drug use, abuse, and dependence tendencies. More specifically, the researchers compare the factors that lead male and female to adhere substance abuse.
The research conducted in this…

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