Youth Center For Excellence Adolescent Development Toolkit Essay examples

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During our class study, we have taken the time to talk about children in many different age brackets. This week we were to take a closer look at children ranging from ages ten through twenty years old, the adolescent group. It was interesting to read through the different literature, and then to compare the different ideas presented to my own two teenage boys. As I began to read through selected articles and reports from the Cornell University 's Act for Youth Center for Excellence Adolescent Development Toolkit, it was helpful the way information was presented and broken down into three age groups. Each of these age groups face their own benefits, struggles and developmental goals to reach. While no two children, or teenager, are exactly the same, it is helpful for parents and teachers to become familiar with the general similarities among children while this group.
What does this term adolescent mean? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary; “the state or process of growing up, the period of life from puberty to maturity terminating legal at the age of majority, a stage of development (as of a language or culture) prior to maturity.” The legal age of majority, this helps us to again remember that children will not fit perfectly into a list of ideas, rather the ideas are to be used as a guide of what a teenager may be experiencing. “The responsibilities, rights, and expectations of adolescents today are radically different than they were one hundred years ago”…

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