Young People Are Poor And Stupid Essay

874 Words Mar 28th, 2016 4 Pages
According to studies that took place recently, it was said that every one in four people are illiterate. Being illiterate impacts some people in a negative way. They have a difficult time learning and holding new information, writing and reading what is beyond their scope of simple terms and sentences. “The notion that illiterate people are poor and stupid couldn’t be farther from the truth. Quite the contrary, most are quite smart. They have spent years learning how to cleverly cover up their secret. They have learned how to finely tune their other skills to make up for not being able to read or write. It is much like a blind person whose senses of smell, touch, and hearing become much more accurate to compensate for their loss of sight.” Quotation from page 2 of the San Diego Literary Society’s monthly newsletter by Jeff Stafford, Executive Director.
In the work place, myself being in it, we are all judged strictly on our personalities. If a person in an interview is being examined and they come across as having a negative and sour attitude, they most likely will not be hired. If a person on the other hand is cheerful and has a great personality they have a much higher success rate of getting the job or career being offered. This could lead to an illiterate person getting a job before a literate one, I find that a majority of illiterate people are very nice and much more understanding. Illiterate people at work would most likely be weak in one field and cant progress any…

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