`` You 've Got The Wrong Song : Nashville And Country Music Feminism

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In today’s world, people have the tendency to ignore the real meaning of what the media portrays. Whether a person enjoys what they see does not mean they do not have to analysis the biases that are been broadcasted in front of them. The article, “Reality Pawns: The New Money TV,” by Editor Nick Serpe explore the reality television in the context of a social and economic condition in the United States. Serpe discusses how the shows such as “Repo Games,” reflect worsening economic condition for low-income people in the United State. In the article, “You’ve Got the wrong Song: Nashville and Country Music Feminism,” by writer Claire Miye Stanford describes how one can be both feminine and feminist in the country music. The two articles are more effective at presenting the negative and positive aspect of the social commentary of television, by using class, stereotypes, and politics to elaborate their point.

To begin with, Nick Serpe’s article, “Reality Pawns: The New Money TV,” criticizes reality TV as a negative notion of social commentary, due to the fact that targets the lower class, and creates a game show based on their condition. A game such as “Repo Report,” is then broadcasts for the entertainment of the audience. Serpe describes, “Tom is going to repo her car, but if she can answer three of five trivia question right, the car will be hers,” (Serpe 268). By this statement, it demonstrates that the trivia question determines if a person will get their own property back.…

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