Year Round Schooling Is An Idea That Schools Across The United States

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Year Round Schooling Year round schooling is an idea that schools across the United States are discussing. The school calendar consists of the same 180 instructional days, but the instructional days and vacation days would be divided into smaller units. The school year can be divided into forty-five instructional days and fifteen vacation days or sixty instructional days and twenty vacation days. These calendar days are called tracks. “A single track is when the sequence of the instructional and vacation days are switched for the whole school year. A multi-track is when the student body and staff are divided on the number of tracks used (three, four, or five). A multi-track would mean some students would be at school while other would be on vacation.” (“Year Round Education”). This type of scheduling leads to “the administrative work load increasing, summer programs suffering, school bills rising, and summer jobs suffering” (“The Year-Round School Debate”). Not all schools can afford the changes within the traditional school schedule, so how would they afford the changes within the year round schooling schedule? “Agriculture was the incentive for a school calendar with shorter breaks in the fall and spring and longer breaks in the winter and summer” (“Wright”). Year-round schooling was not a proposal when farming was prevalent. Farmers needed their children to help on the farm in order for the family to earn money. Technology has made a rapid uprising in the United…

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