Yamato Transport Case Study

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This chapter will study and discuss about the weakness in Yamato Transport (M) especially TA-Q-BIN. From the internship we can identify there are two main internal weaknesses or issues that aroused in TA-Q-BIN. Both of these issues are the issues that frequently happened in TA-Q-BIN which is service quality issues and also understaff issues. This issues or problem actually will impact the performance of TA-Q-BIN and Yamato Transport (M) as a whole.

Yamato Transport (M) Sdn Bhd, under its Ta-Q-Bin, is a logistic company that provides courier delivery service. The companies have to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their services in order to sustain in market, and to do that, Ta-Q-Bin
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These might affect the management at the company and also affect the bottom line of business in all size. A bad match between the employee's skills and the job may cause the understaff issue. Employees who are hired in jobs that are too difficult for them or whose skills are underutilized may become discouraged and quit. Insufficient information about skill requirements that are needed to fill a job may result in the hiring of either under skilled or overqualified workers.
Furthermore, the substandard equipment, tools, or facilities in the company may lead to this issue. If working conditions are substandard or the workplace lacks important facilities such as proper lighting, furniture, restrooms and other health and safety provisions, employees will not be willing to put up with the inconvenience for long.
Besides that, the lack of opportunity for advancement or growth in Yamato Transport (M) can affect the under staff issue. If the job is basically a dead-end proposal, this should be explained before hiring so as not deceived the employee. The job should be described exactly, without raising false hopes for growth and development in the position. Sometimes employees’ feelings of not being appreciated by employer would led to their resignation. Since employees at Yamato Transport (M) generally want to do a good job, it follows that they also want to be appreciated and recognized for their work. Even the most seasoned
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Employees need guidance and direction from upper management. New employees that Yamato Transport (M) recruits may need extra help in learning an unfamiliar job. The absence of a training program that Yamato Transport (M) rarely had may cause workers to fall behind in their level of performance and feel that their abilities are lacking.
Apart from that, an unequal or substandard wage structures for employee at Yamato Transport (M) will be a cause of the understaff issues. Inequity in pay structures or low pay is great causes of dissatisfaction and can drive some employees at Yamato Transport (M) to quit. Furthermore, a new worker may wonder why others person next to them is receiving a higher wage for what is perceived to be the same work. Yamato Transport (M) should have a wage and job evaluation system in place so that they are sure to comply with legal requirements, but also to avoid this problem.
Besides that, the other causes Yamato Transport (M) had faced understaff problem is because the company had opened several new branches around the Malaysia, such as in Kelantan, Kuantan, Terengganu, Seremban, and also Kuantan. Even in existing branch they also face the same problem. This may complicates the smooth flow of the management and services provided by Yamato Transport

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