Yalom's Model Of Existentialism In A Christmas Carol By Tolstoy

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1.2 Yalom’s model of existential psychotherapy
Yalom believed life has arisen from random events, we are finite and we are responsible for our own destiny (Yalom, 2008), and he identified “four ultimate concerns” as the key to all human existence; death, freedom, isolation and meaningless, and stated, “The individual’s confrontation with these facts of life constitutes the content of the existential dynamic conflict” (Yalom, 1980 p. 8). Death is the central part of Yalom’s philosophy, as we are all aware death is inevitable, “death is always with us, scratching at some inner door, walking softly, barely audible, just under the membrane of consciousness” (Yalom, 2008 p. 9). As with other psychodynamic approaches, it pertains to unconscious
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He realises there is still time to change and discovers compassion for himself and others (Yalom ......). These literary masterpieces conveyed the message, “though the physicality of death destroys us, the idea of death may save us (Yalom, 2001, p. …show more content…
In this book (Yalom, 2008) he explores the four main factors of human existence; death anxiety, isolation, freedom and meaning and provides a comprehensive guide to death acceptance, based on his own existential orientation and personal experiences of death anxiety throughout his life and how he came to terms with it. He teaches how self awareness of the inevitably of death can evoke terror, but by confronting our death anxieties and the inexorableness of our finitude can lead to transformation and being able to, “construct an authentic life of engagement, connectivity, meaning and self-fulfillment” (Yalom, 1980, p.

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