The Story Of An Hour Theme

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How we see the theme, Life and Death and Innocence and Experience
Some life come or leave this world in everyday. But have we ever think of life and death? I did not think of it until I read two pieces of story, “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and “Death Knock” by Woody Allen. This two pieces gives me some ideas about life and death, which helps me have a deeply reflection on it.
In “The Story of an Hour”, the main character Mrs. Mallard delivers me a new perspective on how we see on life and death. Usually people will be depressed towards people being dead and be gleeful towards some life is born. However, Mrs. Mallard is glad that her husband was dead in a train accident. She visualizes on her new life since her husband is no longer
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Since she wants to educate the innocence children though visiting there even though she knows that the children can not afford the items in the shop. It is because Miss Moore wants the children understand that every people have their own living style including how they spend their money. Therefore, she hopes bring the children to there can give them a chance to be educated and learn not to be compared with the others. At the end of the story, Sylvia and other children learn the concept of economic inequality. As a result, they would not be skeptical to their identity and their living …show more content…
In the day which everyone went to the church pray for the president’s dead, she chooses to dates with Eugene because she does not know the meaningful for the prayer. But after her mum persuades and tells her the meaning of to go the church. She regrets that dating with Eugene and knows she has to go the church. After the experience of the conversation with her mum, she is no longer an innocence child and gain some precious knowledge. From the change of the author’s attitude, we can know that she learns to be respect and depressed towards the president was dead since they are losing a great president. This precious experience gives her a deep reflection and learn the meaning of going to the

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