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Sunday, January 22, 2012
Bangladesh can be social business champion
Social business promises to make Bangladesh a champion in solving global problems, Hans Reitz, founder of Grameen Creative Lab, said yesterday.
"The country has its own problems to solve. It has suffered a lot from poverty, natural disasters, malnutrition, illiteracy and many other social problems," he said.
"Bangladesh will probably have to handle similar problems in the future as well. It is a place where anyone can find problems easily."
But there is a brighter side to it.
The experiences of dealing with so many social problems for so long can help solve social ills around the world. "It is just a matter of time that Bangladesh becomes a champion in social
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"But that is not the reality."
"My village in Wiesbaden in Germany is one of the richest and modern villages in the world. It has no electricity crisis or pollution. Still, many people are poor. There are also many elderly people who are not taken care of by anybody. We know about them when they die."
"It means that as a company or society, even if you reach the highest point, you do not get a solution, as the system is self-centred. It is all about a mindset."
The social activist said Bangladesh is set to achieve its millennium development goals (MDGs) by 2015. "We have to go on after the country achieves its MDGs. We also have to have ownership of the national aims."
He said young entrepreneurs should not worry about the possibility of a misuse of the business concept.
"Professor Muhammad Yunus has developed the idea of microcredit. Now there are thousands of organisations that have been built on the theory in Bangladesh and abroad. Some have misused the theory to maximise its own profits."
Reitz, who has turned all of his 12 companies in Germany into social businesses, said social business can be used as a tool to solve some of the world's most pressing needs. "The simplicity of the concept is, it works for the community and people."
He said new technology can help entrepreneurs solve many social problems.
Rokia Afzal Rahman, chairman of Mediaworld Ltd, the owning company of The

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