Essay on Wwi : Causes, Effects And The War Itself

1516 Words Nov 10th, 2016 7 Pages
When we think about war most of us imagine WWII. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, the Holocaust, and many other atrocities. The thing we overlook though is that there was a large number of issues that lead up to and may even be considered as causing WWII. The issue that I want to address is the more commonly overlooked WWI. The causes, effects and the war itself will all be addressed. To begin we must first ask what caused WWI. There is a number of reasons for WWI the first to address is militarization in Europe. Leading up to WWI many of the major nations in Europe knew that war was coming. Fear was beginning to mount that one of the major powers in Europe would become too powerful and take over the rest of Europe. The only way to avoid this was to make sure your nation had enough military power to defend itself. This led to the major powers of Europe building up massive militaries. The issue this causes is that nations began to fear each other and having a massive military makes it very tempting for leaders of these nations to want to use their militaries. The next cause of WWI to address is the system of alliances in Europe. Alliances are a practice that can be very beneficial for nations to participate in. However, alliances also mean that you may be pulled into war and in this case WWI. The first alliance was created between Austria Hungry and Germany. Germany had just recently been united by Otto von Bismark and the appearance of a new strong German military power in…

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