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Essay 2: Writing With Style Fewer words. Two word sentences. Trimble’s lessons on how to become a writer strikes at the fundamentals of how writing has been traditionally taught. As a student, learning how to write usually involves the tedious process of how to best shape your thoughts into the rigid structure of teacher expectation. At times, this best resembles trying to fit an elephant into a refrigerator. A student’s mind is noisy and cluttered, but expansive; however, teaching to memorize rule after rule of how one should write limits the ability for students to convey their thoughts. Experimentation with prose and diction is only to be saved for poetry and creative writing. Yet Trimble finds a way to shed a new light on those who have grown up to accept writing as a mindless, systematic practice. I found myself agreeing with most of his lessons, and found some key takeaways that have made me question some of the enforced writing structures mandated by my previous teachers.
One of the immediate writing tips that stood out to me is to be conscious of the person reading. As Trimble writes, a veteran writer is a conscious writer. It becomes much harder to picture the reader’s emotions and reactions while typing this paper in solitude, staring at a soulless computer screen. This disconnect makes it harder to create the mental picture of having a friendly conversation with the reader. Not only that, but the grading process in writing has also led to the failure to write in…

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