Essay on Writing Process And Its Social Aspect

1024 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 null Page
In class with discussed three different types of texts with similar and different ideas of the writing process and writing is social. What exactly is the writing process? The writing process can consist of multiple steps depending on the writer, as these three authors demonstrated in their own writing different ideas of the writing process and its social aspect, through their texts we see how writing it’s a process and is a form of conversation through text between the reader and the author. The writing process consists of social interaction. We tend to hide in our own writing, but what we don’t seem to acknowledge is that we always write for others. Our readers are our main concern. This is when writing becomes a social aspect. In this three pieces of writing “ Shitty first Drafts, ”The Great Conversation ( of the dining hall): One student’s Experience of college level-writing and “ Writing is social and rhetorical activity” we come to understand that writing is more than just putting words down on paper. Each author in some shape or form succeeds to demonstrate that writing is a social aspect as well as a process that cannot be rush.
Writing is a social interaction even when you think you are writing solo. There’s always an invisible audience waiting to hear what you need to say. For example, in Lamott short piece “Shitty First Drafts” her main purpose in writing this piece of writing is to make writers feel better about their awful first drafts and to make them…

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