Writing Is Not Only A Profession But It 's A Vocation Essay

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Writing is not only a profession but it’s a vocation. You need passion to become an effective writer. You need to love what you do and do what you love. Because when you 're passionate, amazing things can happen. Just like the ones detailed below.
There’s enough time.
Have a long list of things to do every day? No problem at all. Does the clock seem to run so fast but you feel so unproductive yet? Nope, doesn’t happen when you 're in the writer’s zone. When you love to write, you can accomplish your duties and responsibilities. Afterwards, you can spare some time for writing. It doesn’t matter if you 're writing a blog or creating a chapter of your book. It doesn’t matter if you have a word count goal or not. Because if you love to put words into paper (metaphorically speaking), you know you need to allot enough time to satisfy your love for writing, no matter how busy you are in the day.
Inspiration is easy to find.
As they say, love can make great things happen. Well, the same thing happens when it comes to writing. Why? When you 're doing what you love, ideas won’t be so hard to find anymore. They will come to you like a flood and you won’t know what else to do than to write them. That’s how powerful passion for writing can be. You just have to think about a topic, plot a content plan and it will be easy going from there on. Yes, you will experience writer’s block from time to time, but it’s not a regular thing. So, if you love to write, then the battle is already…

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