Writing Is A Technology That 's Thoughts Summary Essay

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Writing is a Technology that Reconstructs Thoughts Summary

In the article, The Written Word Literacy in Transition: Wolfson College Lectures 1985 by Gerd Baumann, the writer Walter j. Ong has provided the advantages and disadvantages of literacy in society. In the article there is a compelling reason to believe that both literate and oral cultures are important and must be exercised on a regular basis in society. Although literate and non-literate cultures are extremely different, each method has contributed to the advancement of the society. In this summary, you will discover the differences between literate and non-literate cultures as well as the opinion about each method from Walter J. Ong. Ong states that literacy is imperious and is revered as being a normal way of life in society and especially in the United States. He says that “illiterate” is defined as a shortcoming or weakness for cultures that are not literate. Although literacy is a normal condition of today’s society, it is a learned behavior and therefore, it is not a skill that one is born with. The writer disagrees with literacy being a skill that all humans must obtain and it must be learned in the same technique. Ong believes that literacy and the skill of writing is not an instant reaction or such a significant influence that we have internalized therefore, we can separate ourselves from it.
Ong explains that the difference in literate and non-literate cultures is that in literate cultures,…

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