Writing Is A Major Part Of A College Course Essay

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Writing is a major part of a college course. Most courses will require you to write a paper to pass the course. Writing has not always my specialty. I was never a good writer from the start. This paper is to show where I have struggled in the past, currently and where I improved in my writing. It will explain where I got help in years previous to Neumann University along with my first semester at Neumann University. This will include grammar, word choice, using resources from the local library and correctly citing them. I will also explain how my one class in my high school graded my whole paper wrong for using “I” and how I used that information in my classes now to improve on that and not let it happen again in the future.
Throughout my four years in high school and my years in middle school I got help for my writing. I always tended to write a paper and not re-read it over. I just wanted to finish it and move on to the next thing on my list. It ended up sounding sloppy and did not make sense in any way. In third grade, is when I first started to get help. I was brought to a tutor to help me learn other words and to understand them better. He helped me with my work because I always would fall behind. In high school, we were able to pick an elective as an extra course to take. I always took an English course. The ones I took were called Creative Writing and Grammar Composition. I took two years of creative writing and one of grammar composition. They were thought by the…

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