Writing Emails Memorandums, And Letters Essay

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Going into this course, I expected that we would have to practice writing emails memorandums, and letters. I also expected that we would have to write a report of some kind. I think I was actually pleased that the course was different than I expected. I’ve taken courses in the past where we would practice writing short memos and reports, and it got boring after a while. I enjoyed the fact that we were expected to think critically when composing the assignments. For example, for the interview, we had to take our interviewees answers and connect them to the field as a whole. If the assignment would have just been to report on these answers, I would have felt as though I was wasting my time.
I found the first assignment helpful due to the fact that I have been meaning to update my resume. That project gave me the push I needed to get it done. I think the most helpful project would have to be the interview one. This is because it forced me to go out of my way and contact someone in my field. My interviewee was able to offer me pretty good career advice that I would not have been able to get from anyone else. I think the least helpful project would have to have been the final project. This is because I really don’t foresee myself having to write such an extensive report in the near future. If I eventually do get to that stage in my career, I will most likely have forgotten this project anyway.
I’m honestly not sure what aspects of these projects will help me write…

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