Writing As A Creative Process Essay

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Writing is a creative process and is without a doubt one of the greatest forms of art. To a writer a word is like the paint that an artist uses to decorate their canvas. While lacking any true meaning on its own, once it is blended and used in union with other words it can end up creating a masterpiece that spurs the imagination and inspires thought. As a kid I always was in awe by the power of words and their ability to make a story and make me feel like the worlds they spoke of actually existed. In turn I always strived to write my own stories and use the power of words to their fullest potential. Throughout my quest of reading and writing as a child I was supported by both family, including my father and sister, as well as my teachers in middle school. However all storybook heroes must face an antagonist, and my greatest antagonist came in the form of high school English classes which seemed to try their best to stamp out any creativity in the form of writing. Yet becoming literate has been one of the greatest and most influential achievements in my life, as it provides countless opportunities and opens many doors down the road. More importantly, literacy has opened a portal to my imagination.
Some of my earliest and fondest memories regarding reading come from entertainment such as video games and television. When I was a kid I would always watch my older sister and father play video games on our old Nintendo 64. The majority, if not all of the games that they played…

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