Writing And Reading Is Taught Essay

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Writing and reading was taught briefly to me in my 5th grade year. For reading, I was taught to read an essay and if I don’t understand it then I reread it. Sometimes I take notes but when I do, I have a hard time picking out the main ideas and then rewriting the notes. When I’m writing an essay, I have a hard time keeping it clear for the reader to read. Strong vocabulary is also hard for me to include in my essays. I struggle with attempting to perfect my essays before they are even complete. I also build an emotional attachment to my essays causing me to take criticism harder and to judge my work tougher than I should. I want to better myself in my skills of writing and reading.
By going to a private school, they taught me to free write rather than any structure or technique. I was never taught how to prewrite or even revise until recently. I was taught the basic thesis, three reasons, and conclusion essay when I moved from private school to public school. Now my techniques are very weak compared to my peers. I need to learn comprehension skills and pick out the important information in the story. I also want to learn how to write easy flowing essays that draw in the reader.
I was taught how to write structured essays in the 5th grade. I was given a prompt and then told to write about it. My essays were always off topic and very piecey but never properly corrected by my teachers. The only thing we spent continuous hours on was to focus on grammar and grammatical errors.…

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