Write a Report on the Use of Evidence Based Nursing Within Long Term Conditions (Ltc), Including Personal Reflection on How You Have Recently Used Evidence Based Practice in the Care of a Person with a Long Term Condition.

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Write a report on the use of evidence based nursing within long term conditions (LTC), including personal reflection on how you have recently used evidence based practice in the care of a person with a long term condition.

1. Introduction. 2.1. This report discusses the significance of using evidence based nursing for the treatment and management of long term conditions. It focuses on how evidence based practice influences the patient care and includes personal reflection of caring for a person with a long term condition with experience of using evidence based care.

2. What is evidence based nursing? 3.2. Evidence based nursing practice indicates making decisions about a patient’s care on the basis of current best
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These apply to health and social services working with local agencies involved in supporting people to live independently, such as providing transport, housing, employment, benefits and pensions. Another study to support this is the Personal Health Plan which was set up in July 2008. It has been developed specifically for people with long term conditions to help them to adapt to life with a long term condition and to take control of their care. 5.5. Evidence shows that this research based practice and the use of national clinical guidelines has improved quality of care and the patient’s outcome (McInnes, 2001). Although there is room for improvement; national service frameworks are devised for patients living with only one long term condition, and many suffer from a range of conditions that also need better management.

5. Personal Reflection. 6.6. On reflection, whilst observing nurses in practice, I found that a lot of the sources of information came from reliance on humans as information sources. Experiential sources, such as the Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Nurse Specialist or other experienced colleagues, appeared the most accessible, useful and reliable source when a clinical decision was needed. This choice of information is based on experience rather than research. McKenna & Cutcliffe (2000) suggest all clinical decisions should be based on research and

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