Worldwide Equipment Case Analysis Essay

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Worldwide Equipment Case Analysis
Weimin has not performed up to Worldwide Equipment standards. He is lacking in all aspects outlined by the company for position advancement: seniority, sales performance, sales leads generated, and team spirit. This is understandable for someone who is new to the sales position, but Weimin has shown little to no improvement. He was recently hired, so he certainly doesn’t have any seniority. Since being hired, he has generated 17 sales leads, and none of those have resulted in any sales. Both of these statistics are lows within the sales force. Weimin is also hugely lacking in team spirit; according to Wang, he is very “silent and introverted” and has “little ability to engage with
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They are also resentful about the fact that the Guangzhou office wants them to keep him around because they are in the midst of a large deal with Weimin’s uncle, and they feel that if he is fired, the deal will not happen. The Beijing sales engineers don’t think it is fair that they have to hurt themselves and their branch in order to benefit the branch that they compete with. It is a huge conflict of interest. All of these issues have been brought to the attention of Mr. Wang by the sales engineers, and although he doesn’t fully agree with all of them, he can understand their frustration and agrees that Weimin’s performance has not been up to par. Wang has pondered what he should do about Weimin, but is concerned that if he makes the wrong decision, the morale of the office will continue to decay.
Because Wang didn’t necessarily want to hire Weimin from the get-go, he likely wasn’t very motivated to train him properly. For example, Weimin showed up to a business meeting with several superiors dressed in a suit and athletic shoes. This is very basic business etiquette and could have easily been trained. Considering that Weimin didn’t even receive training to that extent, he likely wasn’t given much attention, and was instead thrown into the position and forced to figure it out on his own. This could explain his poor sales performance. A new sales engineer is expected to simply generate

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