Worldview : What Is A Worldview? Essay

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What is a worldview? A worldview is a system of beliefs and ideas or theories that a person has as they evaluate the world around them. It is a system that opens up a wide range of questions: What is my purpose in life? What are my goals for my life? Am I raising my children to have Faith in God? One person’s belief or theory may be different from another because many factors influence a person’s worldview – cultural background, life experiences, the values and attitudes they were raised with and habits that they have acquired from childhood to adulthood. Our worldview’s are constantly evolving as the world around us changes and as we change with it. Not everyone is going to agree with each other, as we are all created to be uniquely ourselves. After-all, beliefs, ideas, values and many behaviors stem from a culture or a person’s worldview, whether it be personal or spiritual.
The question of origin is the question of where we came from and how we came into existence and although the answers can differ from culture, beliefs, ideals, etc. the bible states that everything in existence including humans and animals was created by God. Most Christians, bible readers, bible students and most young children know, God created life. (Genesis 1:1) Instead of living things coming from non-living matter or man being a machine, as believed in Naturalism, or as the Pantheists believe God and the universe are one and the same, life came from Our Creator our eternal…

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