Greek World View Analysis

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The Greek World view is a unique and defined world view that issued the start of the philosophical terms and concepts that are even carried on in today’s livelihoods. What exactly is a world? A world view is a form of vision, how an individual perceives his/her world from their perspective, how certain actions are seen as right or wrong, good or evil, just and unjust etc.
- “A worldview is a framework of set of fundamental beliefs through which we view the world and our calling and future in it (Olthuis, 1989).
Now how exactly does the Greek worldview function and what does it exactly entail?
The Greek Worldview is based upon archetypes, now what exactly are archetypes?
- Archetypes are basically the universal and commonly used “absolutes”
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He then included a number of questions such as:
- For Clarification
- For Probe Assumptions
- For the Probing for reasons and evidence
- And of
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Now Plato was much more precise and calculated in his approaches but also reminisced with the idea of religious romantic elements.
The shadow cave story is the best example to explain Plato’s way of philosophy:
Prisoners were once kept in a cave and were shown images on the wall that were cast by the shadows created by a fire in the cave. These shadows showed them how a cat, table, chair etc. looked like. In their minds these were the archetypical example of these objects. One day an inmate escaped and saw the outside of the cave and all the different objects that they thought as the universal absolute to be, that there were actually many other forms of them outside of their cave.
This symbolizes the idea of how sometimes the real world outside of our comfort zones sometimes would provide a larger format of truth. However it takes true knowledge to understand this.
Plato had the influence of Greek mystery and Pythagoreans (thinking could lead to mystical illumination and assimilation with the

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