World War Z: Zombie Virus

In World War Z, by Max Brooks, a zombie virus ravages the lands leaving all in its ways in ruins. Human society is on the break of collapse and a solution must be formed before the human race becomes extinct. Natural selection and genetic engineering are both front runners in theories of solution to the problem however natural selection move the human race further with less consequences in the future. The solution of the zombie virus is to allow natural selection to take its course and allow those who are less dependent on society to live and flourish through the chaos. Living through natural selection will require several conditions to be met for a human to survive. First, those who are physically fit will be able to out pace and keep themselves …show more content…
With friends and family missing, on the run from mass amounts of zombies and the destruction of one's normal previous life, such change can break a person. History has shown how dramatic events have changed people from what they were. Looking just back at how Jews in Europe who were trapped in concentration camps during the Holocaust to going back to medieval ages and looking at how the effects of the Black Death changed how people and government interacted. The bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death, took place during 1336-1353 and devastated most of Europe and Asia. A strong correlation can be drawn between the bubonic plague and the zombie outbreak in World War Z. The zombie virus as well its counterpart, the bubonic plague, spread from those trying to escape and other trying to find cures in other lands. This was the cause of how the plague spread across the world so quickly except in one case. Medieval Poland was ruled by King Casimir the Great who set about securing his country against the spread. Locking down cities and towns to prevent the plague from spreading from city to city as well a securing of the border. Casimir proposed a solution of putting immigrants and refugees under guard for a time until they were deemed safe and could enter Poland. While these were only part of the reason why Poland was mostly spared from the effects of the Black Death, the king was able to keep control of his people despite the stories told from other neighboring counties of the mass deaths and the dissemination of cities. In the terms of natural selection, Casimir understood and proposed an effective solution to the ongoing problem using the human race's most powerful, their brain. In World War Z in comparison we can take a look at celebrities who hide in a house fully fitted to survive onslaughts of zombies but made one fatal mistake. From the viewpoint of what he

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