Black Plague DBQ

The Black Plague struck first in Southern Europe during the mid-fourteenth century and cause many hardships to the people of Europe. As the plague spread throughout Europe, many local communities took extreme measures in means of hoping to further stop the spread of the plague. While some people took extreme measures to prevent the plague, a majority of the population took religious stances in hopes of finding guidance, and as a way of hoping to escape the plague. Throughout the Black Plague, many people suffered, but some took the plague to their own economic advantage. The Black Plague decimated one-third of Europe’s population and caused the survivors to take extreme measures, religious stances, and to focus heavily on personal gain. …show more content…
Many people who were infected were frightened at the thought of death and they went into hiding to escape judgment from others. Another reason the infected were afraid, was because the thinking of many people during that time was to “Quarantine the diseased, gallows to punish and frighten the violators.” (Document 6). This may have scared many people into hiding as they did not want to be separated from their family or be sent to the gallows as punishment. While some people went into hiding in fear of being quarantined, others took more desperate measures and literally tried everything they could to cure themselves. “As people became more desperate, they began to use toad’s venom in hopes of sucking out the plague” (Document 10). People became very hopeless during the spreading of the plague, that they even took extreme measures of hanging toads in hopes of “sucking out the plague.” While the people of Europe fell into chaos, the leaders of the states of power stopped all trade and all travel stopped. This was because the plague had first spread from fleas on rats which were on board trading ships.“The trade of Europe in France, Holland, Spain , and Italy was stopped. (Document 14). This not only led to a lack of communications with other nations, but it also led people to “die of hunger in their own houses” (Document 5). The Black Plague not only cause some people to, however, take extreme measures but led a majority to turn the church for

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