World War One And The Formation Of The Treaty Of Versailes Germany

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At the end of all the fighting in World War one and the formation of the Treaty of Versailes Germany was placed under the full responsibility for the starting the war. This creation of the Treaty of Versailles had marked the start of hostility amongst the Germans. More specifically the War Guilt clause otherwise known as Articles 231 and 232 of the Versailles treaty where Germany blamed for the war and forced to pay for all the reparations. Such harsh reprimands shattered the German economy and in the short five years after the war, one American dollar was equivalent to 350 000 German marks. This lead to the rise of immense hostility against the democratic governments of the Allied forces who imposed such a treaty on them, which lead to the acceptance of extremist views amongst the people in order to to cope. For example Adolf Hitler who soon rose to power using this hostility as a weapon to unite the people.Word did not find any entries for your table of contents. However they were not the only nation to blame for the tragedy of the war. In recent years more historical evidence has come to light about the motive of the Russians in relation to their part in the war. Not to mention the contribution of the alliance with of France and Serbia which both sparked the start of the war. Furthermore in combination with the fragile balance of power that held the European powers together as well as the feverish impact of imperialism these factors had kindled the growing flame of…

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