Essay World War II : The Cold War

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As World War II concludes, another war begins for America. Unusually, this war will be fought with no direct military campaigns between its primary adversaries, the United States and the Soviet Union. America fears that the Soviets push to globalize communism is a direct attack on America and democracy; therefore, the U.S. utilizes their Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to coordinate covert operations in an effort contain the threat of world domination. Consequently, the conflict becomes known as the Cold War, and CIA Director, Harry Rositzke later describes the ordeal as, “a holy war against the infidels, a defense of free God-fearing mean against the atheistic Communist system.” (Kinzer) Throughout the 50’s, the agency’s clandestine activities included utilizing propaganda to promote America and democracy; however, they also took a more aggressive role in asserting economic influence and taking covert political actions. Although the CIA’s functions were considered paramilitary, their activities fell just short of all-out war and were far from peaceful.
In an effort to contain the spread of communism, the CIA reached out to politically influential intellectuals in Europe and around the world, becoming a flag bearer for American ideals. Officers orchestrated propaganda utilizing magazines, art exhibits, radio programs, musical shows, books, conferences, and culture in general. One example is the Iowa Writers’ Workshop funded by the Fairfield, Rockefeller, and Asia…

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