Essay on World War I Started The Twentieth Century Off With A Bang

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World War I started the twentieth century off with a bang. The war began when Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip was a nineteen year-old who was a member of the Serbian terrorist group called The Black Hand. The terrorist group requested that if the country had a large population of Serbian peoples that they need to be freed. With the death of the Archduke, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Austria-Hungary also had a promise from Germany that if Russia took action, Germany would interfere. The countries that would be part of the Triple Alliance were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The opposing front against the Triple Alliance was the Triple Entente. The Triple Entente was composed of Britain, France, and Russia. Nations assumed war would be short because previous wars lasted several months at most. So the people encouraged the war with posters, parades, and going away parties. The joy of war did not last long because the reality of war sunk in. The world’s top powers went to war with developing technology and tactics. The soldiers from different nations became test subjects to the nations developing weapons. For roughly four years the world would be at war. The war’s casualty count soared to almost twenty-six million, according to the book World War I by Hanson W. Allwin. Nations that updated and recreated military vehicles, new weapons, and updated military ideas had an advantage. During the course of the war soldiers…

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