Clarence Joseph Bessette's Participation In World War One

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Clarence Joseph Bessette composed a letter to Miss Marjorie Christien of his current participation in the time of World War One. Bessette’s past became shared by the people dearest to him, his remembrance arises from the letter, which carries the individuals experiences. Letters were pivotal to soldiers and families as it raised the morale on both the front and home-front. Soldiers wrote letters with powerful stories of previous and current occurrences, primarily of the bloodshed between the Allies and the Axis. For soldiers, the letters received from the home-front caused tranquility for soldiers as it represented the love and care by families, friends, and supporters. Furthermore, letters permitted soldiers to demonstrate the devastations …show more content…
Life in the trenches is horrendous, it consisted of mud, wetness, disease, stench, rats, lice, and a common belief that all were to perish in battle. A dreadful experience where the front line was under constant assault, soldiers who were wounded and traumatized, others were incapable in the survival to sustain in the injuries suffered, where men were rested on the floor and in torment as their time was finally at its end. Furthermore, diseases spread and healths deteriorated, sleep was uncommon due to explosions, rifles, and machine-gun fire, soldiers were unbathed and wore the exact pair of clothes for several months, and where ones sanity became difficult to preserve with the deaths of thousands and millions all around. The bodies of soldiers would rest in the trenches or in front of the trenches, where soldiers fought in enclosed spaces with other soldiers. However, soldiers experienced different types of trench terrain, where Germans constructed adequate trenches with electricity, whereas the British and French were without electricity and often had mud with a worse conditions than the Germans, since countries believed in a short war and not one that was as extensive. And since Canadian forces fought alongside the French and British, Bessette experienced one of worst conditions by the

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