World War I And The United States Essay

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During World War I (July 28, 1914- November 11, 1918) the United States made it its mission to not get involved. They were going to abide by a neutrality acts. These acts were used so that the United States and other countries would not overstep boundaries causing the two to feud with each other. Sadly, things did not go according to plan when Germany decided to take matters into their own hands. Many of these acts were broken and as a result the United States entered the war. While the breaking of the acts seemed like the obvious reason for going to war, many people believed that the United States had alternative motives as to what caused them to enter the war. Germany was power hungry. They tried to build their team big enough to control the entire world. In January of 1917 a message was intercepted from the German Foreign Minister to the Mexican Government. It promised them friendship and to also assist in getting their land back that they had lost to America (Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona). This correspondence would be the first of many threats Germany would make against America.
One agreement apart of the neutrality acts was that there would be no U-boat attacks or warfare. Germany broke this when they sunk the Laconia on January 31, 1917. Within the same week Germany had issued an announcement that they would sink any vessel that was bound for Great Britain or any other Western Europe coast. This angered President Wilson but he was trying to keep neutrality between…

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