World War I And The Destruction Of Europe Essay

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Germany’s rise to power in the beginning of the twentieth century, the crises that took place in the Balkans, and alliances between powerful nations are few of the causes of the Great War. Because of the Russians surrendered in the spring of 1918, the Central Powers thought they had the advantage over the Allied Powers because they didn’t have to fight a two front war anymore. Germany had underestimated the United States and their importance for joining the Allies later in the war. The events that preceded World War I and the destruction of Europe would effect and shape the rest of the twentieth century.
The German Empire had increased the size of its navy by 1900. Admiral von Tirpitz was the officer in charge of the German navy at the time and his goal was to build the navy to be stronger than the British navy, which was the top naval power in the world. Since Germany was increasing its military strength in Europe, Great Britain felt insecure about their position as a world leader because of the triple alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungry and Italy. Because of this insecurity, Great Britain created a political partnership with France. The partnership was settled by Great Britain giving France Morocco and in return Britain received Egypt. The British viewed Germany’s expansion into Africa and China as selfish since they never had a settlement between the great powers for the permission to take such an action. An example would be the first and second Moroccan Crisis…

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