Militarism In The Twentieth Century

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The world at the beginning of the twentieth century was mainly controlled by Great Britain and their allies. Militarism was something that put a lot of impact on World War 1 because the country was controlled by military leaders and not a proper government. This lead to the military leaders being more arrogant on their actions and fighting instead of finding another way to do things. The way they controlled certain ideas lead to them having something backfire and made it harder for them to complete their goal. There was the triple alliance made up between Germany, Austria - Hungary and Italy and was formed on the 20th may 1881 this was part of the alliance system. Nationalism was a big part of the twentieth century especially within the European countries were they used inflammatory information to get their country angry about their enemies and make their army bigger so they would be the dominant force within the world. …show more content…
The constant threat to Britain didn’t help as this made them keep their alliance with France even better because they would be there to help Great Britain out first if Germany was to attack. Because of Great Britain’s control in Africa and Asia, Germany wanted to be a part of this and that’s one of the reasons Germany was pressuring Great Britain so much so they could expand their colonies to where the other countries where and be watching what they were doing. Germany tried many options on expanding throughout Africa but was always shut down by Great Britain and only left Germany with little parts of the country in their control. Doing this lead to Germany being humiliated as they couldn’t make a move to take control as they didn’t have a proper navy and Great Britain had most of the control over the ocean as they had the biggest

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