Essay On Europe After Ww2

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I believe that the events and results of the first world war changed Europe for the worse. World War I was a war that consumed the entire continent of Europe and left some devastating after effects, politically and socially. It left countries in poverty and depression, and a distrust in democracy was formed.

After World War I, many of the countries involved decided to put all of the blame of the war on Germany and demanded that they pay for all the damages that were caused. This led to the German economy suffering due to major inflation because Germany also suffered from the war and they didn’t have the money to pay for their own damages, let alone the rest of Europe’s. During the war, Germany was barely able to keep going because there was
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Hitler and the Nazis knew how to appeal to scorned veterans and the unemployed. They intervened in the economy and in their own way they created jobs by paying women to go back to the home and having children so men can take their jobs. Of course their more drastic way of creating jobs was forcing Jewish workers to leave so non-Jewish Germans can take their jobs as well. The most important thing about Germany after the war was that they wanted to blame someone for their devastating loss, and that’s where the anti-semitic views came from which would inevitably lead to the second world war.

Europe suffered from the effects of the first world war and would continue to suffer for more years to come because of it. World War I had certainly changed Europe, and though there were positives that came from it, like women getting more opportunities to work and be just a little more independent, European technological advancements, film advancements, and other small things. These positives are small however because there were far more devastating things that occurred like the hunger and population drop, and those things changed Europe for the

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