World Religions : Annotated Bibliography Essay

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World Religions: An Annotated Bibliography

Gervais, Will M. "Everything Is Permitted? People Intuitively Judge Immorality As
Representative Of Atheists." Plos ONE 9.4 (2014): 1-9. Academic Search Complete. Web. 22 July 2015.
There is a common misconception which a lot of people have in regards to Atheists. People blatantly judge Atheists by quickly assuming, since they do not have any particular religious preference, that he or she is immoral. Although I do not consider myself Atheist, and my main focus is not about myself, I feel for some of them. This article gives clear insight as well as comparisons to Christians and non-Christians, and the judgments which are involved. Is it possible for someone to possess morals and values if one is not religious at all? The article is strictly scholarly based, so it is academically thorough with its research. It is unbiased because it presents both perspectives, not just one-side. The article gives support to some of my other research on personal experiences individuals have with religious groups when it comes to morality. The source gives insight to myself as well, because this is a question in which I’ve wondered myself. Because this information is scholarly, it gives me even more reason to support my claim.

James, David. "Heaven Is For Real: A Little Boy 's Astounding Story Of His Trip To Heaven
And Back." Journal Of Dispensational Theology 18.54 (2014):…

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