Workplace Bullying And The Workplace Essay

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According to a 2014 survey conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute, located in the United States, the results reported that one out of three American workers equaling 27% (9,817,429 million), have been bullied in the workplace in that year, and 27,073,553 have experienced it before, but not in the last year, a total of 36,890,982 that have had direct experience with bullying. With statistics, so protuberant, this indication clearly suggests that workplace bullying is flourishing throughout most parts of the world. This paper ‟s purpose will look to discover if workplace bullying produces distressing effects and experiences for bullied marks. Workplace bullying rise to prevalence will also be documented, along with interventions and avenues to explore approaches with the hopes of obliterating workplace bullying. Concluding this paper, recommendations and future action steps will also be highlighted and how the profession of leadership is best equipped in taking a lead role against this social injustice which affects millions worldwide, increase advocacy efforts, in the hope of eradicating workplace bullying.

What is workplace bullying?
According to research, the impacts of workplace bullying was first conducted during the 1980’s by Dr. Heinz Leymann. He was the first researcher to explore the effects of “mobbing” which at that time was known as (workplace bullying) among bullied respondents. Dr. Leymann (1990) defined “mobbing”, as a hostile and unethical behavior in…

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