Working with Leading People Essay

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Task4.Be able to assess the work and development needs of individuals
4.1The factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance
It is monitored in order to improve the performance of members of its performance is very important. I should consider the following factors to plan and monitor the performance of members of the workplace.
At first I had planned performance required to do so, I should consider the following:
- The performance of the program you want.
- Should exist in order to help members improve their performance resources
- Should be taken to improve performance.
- To check the Framework Programme is appropriate.
In order to monitor the performance of the following points should be considered a
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General performance management solutions include writing assistant and coach tools to help managers find just the 'voice' to the most important part of the staff of performance. The constructive analysis and evaluation is to provide the employee has successfully learning feedback and demand still learning and create a plan to provide opportunities for staff to develop the necessary skills. This may be an important factor, not only the growth in staff, but also in the overall health of the organization, because the scope of employee loyalty to train personnel, and thus more enaged in their company has a greater significance.

Performance feedback and help make employees understand organization. Feedback productivity expectations (goals and objectives) of them. Its staff also identified the need to work in order to improve and develop their performance. With this information field staff to improve their performance, and maintain the necessary information incentive. Feedback can be positive and negative or constructive, but there are two main types of feedback; both are valuable to improve the performance and development of staff. (1) Incentive feedback and (2) the development of feedback. Incentive feedback: for the pay and praise and encourage individuals. Its purpose, to strengthen positive behavior and performance, in order to increase confidence, or

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