Working As A Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

927 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a long-term healthcare facility has made me question how we handle death for the terminally ill in the United States. Caring for and interacting with people that are in the final stages of life alters one’s personal view of death. In a way it removes fear and allows one to see the comfort and relief that death may bring to someone that is suffering.

Picture this; you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Out of desperation, and denial, you have spent precious time exhausting all of the available treatment options. There you are, lying in a hospital bed with numerous tubes and monitors attached to every orifice. The continuous beeping of the machines is a constant reminder that your body will soon succumb to the disease but not before it steals every ounce of dignity you once possessed. Your doctors just informed you that there is no hope for survival and death is imminent; it is only a question of when. The natural progression of the disease combined with the harsh side effects of drugs and surgeries have left you with no control over basic bodily functions and completely dependent on someone else to care for you. As if it isn’t bad enough that you now need help moving, eating, breathing, and defecating, you have begun to feel your cognition decline as well. Your children all have jobs, families and lives of their own and are unable to provide the level of care you now need. All of your life savings has been spent to…

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