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A shift in federal balance?
A need to confine the corporations power?


The submissions of the Australian Federal Government that the Workplace Relations Act 1996, amended by the Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Act 2005 was constitutionally valid prevailed with a majority of 5:2 by the High Court of Australia.1 This High Court decision inaugurated a shift of legislative power from the States to the Commonwealth.2 Since officially coming into effect as of 27 March 2006, the Work Choices Act has been the most comprehensive reformation in Australia in nearly a century, constantly sparking matters of controversy. 3

In the vision of Sir Samuel Griffith, principal author of the
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14 It is initiated that an adequate interpretation of the Constitution would take into account its design, structure, provisions and purpose. 15

In essence, the structure of the Constitution can be regarded as being simple and straightforward, 16 often incorporating only a few words in establishing the most fundamental principles which govern society. 17

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Generally, the Constitution aims to provide basic

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