Women 's Social Status Of Women Essay

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Women in Buddhism

The teachings of the Buddha do not only benefit men but also enlighten women. However, when trying to be ordained, women meet more problems than men do. According to the difference in precepts for monks and nuns, nuns are inferior to monks in all circumstances. (Walsh 2016) These differences combined with the low social status of women during the time of the Buddha have led to a popular view that Buddhism discriminates against women. However, although some Buddhist ideas emphasize treating women and men differently, it is Buddhism that proposes the equality between women and men, thus further raising women 's social status. In this paper, I will focus on the traditional views of women in Buddhism based on the social circumstances at the time of the Buddha. Through the ideas proposed by Buddhists, I will provide proofs that reject the idea that Buddhism discriminates against women and show how Buddhism raises the social status of women. At the time of the Buddha, due to the prevailed discrimination against women, the social status of women was extremely low. A good example that shows the inferior and wrong impressions of women at that time come from the word of Mara: “No woman, with the two-finger wisdom (narrow) which is hers, could ever hope to reach those heights which are attained only by the sages.” (Gupta, 2009, 141) Such statement clearly embodied the implication of the inferior status, as well as minimal power, of women at that time.…

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