Women 's Role For Women Essay example

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For many centuries, the main purpose of gender was procreation. Women’s role was exclusively a homemaker while other kinds of contact with the outside world took on the man. This, of course, gave men the right to treat women below themselves in regards to societal status. But with our time, technological progress, scientific discoveries and feminism, situation has changed dramatically. A woman in today 's society has a very different status. They now have freedom that somehow disables the word, sexism. Women’s History proved that the "weaker sex" is able to take on the challenges and difficulties that were usually considered for privileged men. Women sought for their social independence for many years. (Change in syntax) Now we have become accustomed to the word "emancipation", and females as doctors, politicians, and being part of the military do not surprise us. In fact, those women have more advantages than men have. (Is this your thesis?)
However, in the fifteenth century, (Where in the 15th century?) women could take care of themselves —they could own property and enforce the laws before the Europeans arrived (you need to mention where). By the time when Europeans arrived, women’s rights were taken away. They “[were] unable to own property, bring suits, make contracts or act as a legal individual” meaning that they were limited in public life and in social affairs (Ryan and Kelly 22) (of there are multiple authors for this, then this in-text citation is good, if it’s…

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