Essay on Women 's Role For Female Programs

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All throughout sports men have dominated the fields and courts. But, women have the right to play sports just as much as men do. That is why in 1972 law called Title IX was passed. This law requires both male and female’s in every school that receives federal funding to have equality. Not many people understood how many schools didn’t have equal facilities and tools for female programs.
Federally funded institutes, in order to stay federally funded must comply with Title IX. The first thing they must do is distribute scholarship money proportionally. If the men’s soccer team gets 4 full ride offers then the women’s team must too. Next the benefits and facilities must be similar. Men’s teams have fancy locker rooms, buses, trainers at every practice, top notch coaches and state of the art gyms. By law now the women must have everything that men’s’ programs have no acceptations. The third one is the three prong test that means a program must be accommodated to the interests and abilities of the program. The first prong being, opportunity for male and female athletes to play sports must be identical, as in participation rate. This means schools that have football teams with couple hundred players on them have a lot of catching up to do in order to comply with this step. Deviation off of exactly proportionate may be up to 5%. The second prong looks at the past three years of the institution checking to see if the expansion of new programs is developing in the interest of the…

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