Women 's Role As A Male Or Female? Essay

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Based on past history, women have never been considered equal to men. With the way society has treated them and thought of them is quite unfair, but people are made differently so they will always be looked at as different. The difference between peoples sex and peoples gender is that someones sex is what type of sexual organs they have and the way they look and act and gender is considered the person’s role as a male or female in society. This is in other words, putting out into the world the way that a female is supposed to be looked at and treated while a male is supposed to act and look another way (“Gender Roles and Differences - Boundless Open Textbook"). Examples that men and women are different is by the roles that they are supposed to attend to in life, the way women and men are stereotyped and discriminated, and the way men and women are actually different but not equal in society today. Being a male or female does not define the type of person you are, but it does affect many personality traits you carry and responsibilities you might have to go through in life. Women have been looked at as the caregivers since the beginning of time. They are considered to have more caregiving maternal instincts while the men are to be more protective within their families. This is because the women are the ones that give birth to the children and are naturally the caregivers while the men are biologically stronger. In todays society, there are nontraditional couples where…

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